28 November 2021

Fabbrica D’armi Pietro Beretta SpA has been awarded a contract by the Japanese Ground Self Defence Force for the supply of its GLX160 40 mm Grenade Launcher.

This is the result of a great collaboration between Beretta and Howa: the Beretta GLX160 grenade launcher will be mounted on the new Howa Type 20 assault rifle in 5.56 NATO caliber.
The Beretta GLX 160 40mm Grenade Launcher is known to be a modern, lightweight, modular platform, that can be deployed as an under-barrel attachment to the Howa Type 20 assault rifle system or as a stand-alone weapon.

The GLX160 has been designed to maximize effectiveness of modern soldiers by taking full advantage of body mechanics for weapon manipulation, each component of the Beretta GLX160 offering significant advancements in battlefield performance. Each component of the Beretta GLX160 has been developed within the Italian Army Future Soldier Project and has been qualified under NATO test protocols. It is being used by several Armies around the world, either in stand alone or mounted to various assault rifles, such as the Beretta ARX160, Beretta ARX200 and Colt